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PictoPal 2010 – Teacher as redesigner of a technology integrated curriculum for emergent literacy

Gepubliceerd op 13 oktober 2010

This study sought to examine the role of the teacher as redesigner of a technology integrated curriculum PictoPal. A case study involving four kindergarten teachers was used. Observations of the team meetings were undertaken along with interviews to examine teacher redesign in a team and teacher perceptions on their role as redesigner of the curriculum.


When teachers are involved in redesigning a technology integrated curriculum, what does that imply for curriculum enactment and learning outcomes?


The results suggest that teachers appreciate their role as redesigner as a learning experience, but question the practicality of the role for their teacher-work. Findings on teacher curriculum enactment suggest that there can be a threshold for the optimal integration of PictoPal-activities, as high integration score does not relate to the highest learning outcomes.

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