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Mobile Learning: A case study with fifth graders

Gepubliceerd op 15 oktober 2010

The benefit of portable technology (like the mobile phone), coupled with intelligent teaching techniques is that they allow learners to learn what, when, where and how they want. In this study we introduce a mobile application in the context of learning English as a second language at the level of primary school. We will compare the learning results of a group taking English lessons at school without using a mobile application to the results obtained by two other groups that both received classroom lessons and used a mobile learning application.


What is the added value of mobile technology for learning English as a second language for primary school students?


The study showed that the mobile application motivates the students sufficiently to use it and that the application offers sufficient learning opportunities to create a learning effect. The application has proven its worth as an addition to the teaching of English at school, and can evidently be used as a stand-alone application without any teacher intervention.